Case Studies

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value with a high level of integrity and professionalism, at cost-effective rates.

1. Ecommerce Website Upgrade and Digital Marketing Optimization Plan for Startup

Catalyst Consulting took on a Marketing Strategy/Implementation role at a high-growth, modern women’s brand. In charge of Branding and Ecommerce development, we elevated the brand’s visual imagery and content marketing and successfully upgraded the website shopping experience. We also conducted a 360-degree review of all creative assets to create a focused and cohesive Marketing Plan (email, offline, events, social media, customer acquisition/retention and wholesale). As a result of our efforts, Social Media Engagement is up 40% and traffic, sales and orders are tracking ahead of plan.

“Working with Catalyst Consulting was a fantastic experience for my team, and I personally enjoyed working with and learning from Lockie Andrews. Her team delivered Rapid Results, strong visuals, compelling email marketing campaigns and successfully elevated our Brand Image, enabling us to fulfill our potential.” Founder & CEO

2. Digital Marketing Plan (SEO, PPC, Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing) for B2B Consumer Brand

Catalyst Consulting completed a rapid Assessment of the Digital Marketing Strategy for an emerging growth food and beverage brand. After auditing historical performance and the client’s digital marketing plan, we made substantive improvement recommendations, both in the long and short term. We helped the brand prioritize areas of high return, and reduce or eliminate low value creation opportunities. Based on our final recommendations, the brand is contemplating rolling out on an accelerated basis.

“Catalyst Consulting did a fantastic job assisting our relatively inexperienced team. Their recommendations were clear and impactful, and their team respected our time and resource constraints.” VP, Marketing

3. Innovation Workshop and Growth Prioritization Matrix for Largest Sportswear Brand

Catalyst Consulting co-led an Innovation Workshop for a $32B fitness apparel brand. Working closely with the division’s President and head of Strategy, Lockie Andrews was the team lead on retail, ecommerce and wholesale initiatives. Leveraging her deep sector expertise, we successfully delivered upon the stated goals of the Annual Strategic Planning Session. After developing 13 high impact and game-changing ideas, the client went on to implement six of the ideas.

“Lockie Andrews and the team truly exceeded our expectations. This was one of the best Innovation Workshops we have ever experienced. They challenged us and forced us to interrupt our old patterns to really strive for transformative ideas. Terrific work all around.” VP, Strategy

4. New Product Line for Multi-million Dollar Fashion Specialty Retailer

Catalyst Consulting was retained to complete a Feasibility and Market Sizing Study for a new product line for a 60 year-old specialty retailer. After a compelling Discovery Process, the CEO retained Catalyst Consulting to Implement and Incubate the new collection.

“Catalyst Consulting successfully led our team through a New Product Feasibility Study. Not an easy process for our organization, but I trusted Lockie Andrews would do everything in her power to bring the line to market. Today, our designer is pleased with the product line, and our team worked closely with Catalyst Consulting to transition the capability in-house.” CEO

5. Inventory Optimization and AR/AP Management for Multi-million Dollar Manufacturer

Catalyst Consulting was recommended by the firm’s Private Equity investors given our expertise in Financial Modeling and Inventory Optimization. After an initial Assessment of their product line which yielded savings of $20MM in EBITDA and $5MM in Liquidity, the CFO retained our organization to help the cash-strapped company with AR/AP Management and Raw Material Sourcing and Product Development Value Engineering initiatives (additional savings of $10MM in EBITDA and $5MM in Liquidity).

“I enjoyed working with Catalyst Consulting, and they unlocked cash that was tied up in our business. They were great Thought Partners and provided outsourced senior level leadership during a critical time in our company’s history. We relied on them heavily, and they delivered.” CFO